Without our fantastic sponsors, the Dommelloop could not even exist! That is why we want to give them a warm welcome and give them attention and space to let them speak for a moment.


Runnersworld: The store for both the novice and the advanced runner. You can come to us for an extensive and professional gait analysis, so that you always start with the right shoe. Important, because this is the only way to achieve top performance and prevent injuries.

Student Sport Center Eindhoven: Sport is central in Eindhoven and at the university. The Student Sport Center Eindhoven (SSC) is the most extensive of all Dutch universities, offering all students and staff of TU/e, Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven and Design Academy Eindhoven sport (70 sports), recreation, health and relaxation. The sport cards, allowing you to participate in all sports and courses, are available at low rates.

Student Sport Centrum Eindhoven

Wervingsdagen: Colaborative initiative of 10 Study Associations of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Year round program full of innovation and excitement to help the new technical employees match with their dream employer.


Are you also interested in becoming a sponsor of the Dommelloop? Please feel free to contact use by mail. If you are interested in another healthy and sportive event, take a look at https://www.asterixatletiek.nl or send a mail to info@asterixatletiek.nl.