The Dommelloop offers something for everyone and therefore we have different categories. For the real long distance runners among us, we have the 10 km, of course. Or join together with 3 friends to participate in the relay race, whereby the 4 runners each run 2.5 km. If you want something more challenging or your friends are not fast enough, try to improve your personal best on the 5 km. New in 2022 will be the personal 2.5 km race.

A brief summary:

  • Relay 4 x 2.5 km (each 1 round)
  • Dommelloop 2.5 km (1 round)
  • Dommelloop 5 km (2 rounds)
  • Dommelloop 10 km (4 rounds)

In 2022 we will introduce a new event: the association ranking. We will look at the amount of participants per association, where we will not look at ESAV Asterix. The association with the most participants can expect a fun prize!

The Program

From 17:00: pick up start numbers.

17:00 until 18:00: after-registration.

No chips will be handed out after 18:00. You can still participate, but your name and time will not be registered or processed in the results.

18:30: Start 2.5 km, 5 km, 10 km and relay.

When the last runner is finished we will start with the award ceremony. We expect that the award ceremony can start around 19:40.

There are limited lockers in the Student Sports Center for the storage of your belongings. Moreover, it is possible to take a shower. In addition, at the Sports Center there is also a possibility to eat or drink something afterwards.

The Parcours

De red line is the parcour of 1 round (of 2,5 km). A part of the parcour has yellow edge, in this part we will run via the footpath and not via the bike path. This footpath is next to the bike path.


Race Location:

Studentensportcentrum TU/e
Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1
5612 AW Eindhoven