The Dommelloop offers something for everyone as it offers various different race lengths. For the real long distance runners among us, we have the 10 km, of course. You can also team up with 3 other friends to participate in the relay race, in which the 4 runners each run 2.5 km. If you want something longer and your friends are not fast enough, try to improve your personal record on the 5 km! 

A brief summary:

  • Relay 4 x 2,5 km (each 1 round)
  • Dommelloop 5 km (2 rounds)
  • Dommelloop 10 km (4 rounds)

Like last year there will also be an association ranking. We will look at the amount of participants per association (where we will not look at ESAV Asterix). The association with the most participants can expect a prize!

This year there will also be a board ranking; the fastest board (in the relay race) of any association will win a fun prize!